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County Development Plan Review - Clare County Council

Welcome to the official Clare County Development Plan 2023-2029 Review website for Clare County Council.

The Clare County Development Plan 2023-2029 was adopted by the Elected Members of Clare County Council at a Special Planning Meeting on the 9th March 2023. The Plan came into effect 6 weeks from the date of adoption, on 20th April 2023.

The County Development Plan sets out the overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the County over a 6 year period and must align with the national and regional framework of strategies, polices and guidelines. Clare County Council officially commenced, on the 18th September 2020, the preparation of the of Clare County Development Plan 2023-2029. There are various stages involved in the preparation of a Development Plan and the process is set out below.

A final adopted Clare County Development Plan 2023-2029 is currently being prepared and graphically designed. In the interim period, an Interim Version of the adopted Clare County Development Plan 2023-2029 has been prepared and is available for viewing at the link below: Stage 3 'Adoption of Development Plan'

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